The Chronic Pain Management Research Program (CPMRP) is being launched to support research on opioid-alternative or non-addictive methods to treat and manage chronic pain. For Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 the program has been included in the United States FY19 Department of Defense appropriation at $10 Million (M). Chronic pain management is a major public health concern for civilian and military populations, affecting millions in the US at an estimated annual cost in personal and health system expenditures of $560-$635 billion. The impact of the problem is magnified in light of the current opioid crisis which has been exacerbated by use of addictive narcotics to manage chronic pain. Chronic pain is defined as a pain that occurs on at least half the days for 6 months or more, and which can be caused by issues including, but not limited to: combat- and training-related physical or mental stress and trauma, migraines and chronic headaches, traumatic brain injury, arthritis, muscular-skeletal conditions, neurological disease, tick and vector-borne disease, other insect-transmitted or tropical disease, and cancer.

CPMRP will be managed by utilizing the CDMRP two tiered review process ( A Stakeholders meeting will be held in February to bring experts from different subject areas together to identify knowledge gaps, outcome and product needs for the state of the science and patient care. After the Stakeholders Meeting, a Vision Setting meeting will be held to recommend an investment strategy to answer some of the unmet medical needs, knowledge gaps, and consumer concerns. Funding opportunities to support recommended research areas will be announced on this website and approximately by the middle of 2019.

Congressional Appropriations

Congressional Appropriations

  • $10 million

Last updated Wednesday, March 27, 2019